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Posted on 07-13-2017

Learn the Dog Heimlich Maneuver from our Los Angeles Veterinarian

Protecting your pet's health is always our goal at Animal Emergency Centre. As your trusted veterinarian in Los Angeles, we want you to be fully prepared to give your pet the help he or she needs right away. That's why we recommend every pet parent to have some understanding of what the dog Heimlich maneuver is and how to use it.

Dog Owner

What Is the Dog Heimlich Maneuver?

Like humans, dogs can choke on something they ingest. This can cause the item to be lodged in their throat, blocking their air passageway. Of course, their body shape is different from that of a human, which makes it harder to do the dog Heimlich maneuver. However, the goal is to use force to push the lodged item out from the pet's throat.

How Is the Dog Heimlich Maneuver Done?

When you come in for a visit, we would be happy to show you how this procedure is done. Here are some general instructions to help you.

  • Clench your hands together. Make a fist.
  • Place your fist behind the dog's last rib. The dog should be in a standing position.
  • Use a forceful upward thrust with your first into the abdomen. Remember, you need to push upward to encourage the lodged item to come up.
  • Repeat this five times.
  • Open the dog's mouth to determine if the object is present. Use a finger to sweep into the mouth to remove anything there.

If you cannot find anything lodged there, but the dog continues to choke, call us immediately for assistance. You should also attempt to repeat this process a second time with better alignment.

Don't Wait to Get Help. Call Your Veterinary Team in Los Angeles Now

While conducting the dog Heimlich maneuver, have another person call your veterinary team in Los Angeles. We'll provide you with direction and assistance over the phone that can help protect your pet's life. We also recommend bringing the pet in for an evaluation afterward. Call us at 818-760-3882.

Have you used this method previously?

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