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Posted on 03-09-2017

Causes Of Pet Limping

At the Animal Emergency Centre of Studio City, our vet team diagnoses and treats a variety of pet conditions that may present with limping and lameness. While it can be heartbreaking to see your animal companion in pain, please know that our team does everything in our power to provide efficient and thorough care that will help your pet start feeling better as soon as possible. 

Causes of Pet Limping at Animal Emergency Centre of Studio City

Common Causes Of Pet Limping

An animal might limp if it's painful for them to put their full weight on the affected limb. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Muscle sprain or ligament strain, especially after a slip, trip, or fall 
  • Foreign objects, such as a piece of wood, salt, pebble, or sand in its paw
  • Infection, including certain tick-borne illnesses which can lead to inflammation within a joint
  • Auto accident, which can lead to bone fracture, muscle tear, or significant bruising, among other injuries
  • Chronic joint degeneration, including arthritis and hip dysplasia

What To Do If You Notice Your Pet Limping

At our Studio City emergency animal hospital, we believe that identifying the root cause of your animal's symptoms is a critical part of recovery and wellness. Even if limping goes away on its own, you may never truly know what caused it in the first place. And if the underlying diagnosis is left undetected and unresolved, this could mean that your animal's limping and pain may return in the future--perhaps worse or longer-lasting than before.

If you notice your animal limping, we recommend that you call us as soon as you can. We'll be able to ask you a few questions about your pet's recent health history and help you determine when/if you should bring your pet in to see us. 

In most cases, we do recommend that you bring your pet to our Studio City veterinarians. Seeking emergency veterinary care is the best way to determine what's causing your animal's pain and walking difficulties and initiate the proper treatment as soon as possible. Not only will this help relieve your animal of pain, but can also prevent a problem from getting worse. 

Is Your Pet Limping? Let Our Studio City Veterinarian Team Help 

You know your pet best, so if you notice any unusual limping or difficulty moving around, then call our Studio City emergency veterinarian staff right away. We're here to help! You can reach us at (818) 760-3882.

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