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Posted on 03-09-2017

Causes Of Pet Seizures From Your Studio City Veterinarian 

Watching a pet have a seizure can be a terrifying experience. Protect your pet's health by learning to recognize symptoms and causes of pet seizures, and seeking appropriate medical care at Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City. 

Causes of Pet Seizures from Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City

What Causes Pet Seizures? 

Pet seizure causes include: 

  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Poisoning
  • Anemia 
  • Stroke
  • Head trauma 
  • Liver or kidney disease

While there are many causes for seizures, sometimes dogs have seizures for no discernible reason. This is called idiopathic epilepsy. 

Our vet can run tests to determine potential causes. By treating underlying causes, we may be able to prevent a recurrence of the seizure. 

What to Do Prior to Seeking Studio City Veterinarian Care for Your Pet

Signs your pet is having a seizure include confusion, loss of balance, shaking, and twitching. Some pets lose control of their bowels. Seizures may last anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. Some pets have seizures on only one side of the body. These are known as focal seizures. 

If you think your pet is having a seizure, it's important to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. Call your local emergency vet, such as our Studio City vet, right away to let them know. While emergency vets do not require appointments, it is helpful to let them know the nature of your emergency so they can assemble a care team while you are en route. 

While it may seem natural to touch your pet when they are seizing, this can actually cause harm. Do not touch your pet while they are seizing. Wait to comfort your pet until the seizure passes. 

It is always important to seek veterinary attention for seizures right away, especially since poisoning could be a cause. 

Contact Your Studio City Emergency Vet

Our emergency center veterinarians are here for you and your pet for all types of animal emergencies, including seizures. As an emergency walk-in clinic, we do not require appointments for medical care. However, if you'd like to speak with a vet about pet seizures, you are welcome to call us our Studio City veterinarian at (818) 760-3882. 

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