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Pet Limping Care at Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City

Is your pet limping? Many times, our clients will call our facility with questions about what they should do and when. If you have any questions about your pet’s health, we always recommend bringing your pet in for an appointment right away. At Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City, it is always our goal to ensure your pet gets the very best level of care possible. In some cases, limping can be a sign of an immediate need for care.

Pet Limping Care at Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City

What Causes Pet Limping?

Pet limping can occur for many reasons. It can occur suddenly or occur on and off for a few days. If you notice your pet’s stride is not normal, though, you shouldn’t put off getting him or her treatment. Every limp means your pet is not using his or her foot in the proper manner, which could lead to strain on the other legs, hips, or other joints. The most common causes of pet limping include:

  • Trauma to the leg, foot, joint, or shoulder area, such as from being struck by something
  • Sprains and strains to the ligaments
  • Ligament disease and inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip or elbow dysplasia (a common, heredity cause for limping that relates to the joint becoming loose)
  • Other degenerative diseases
  • Infection
  • Some type of anatomic defect
  • Mass development

It’s important to maintain routine appointments for your pet with your veterinarian. This will provide the best opportunity to preventing a worsening condition.

When Should You Seek an Emergency Veterinarian?

There are many instances in which an emergency veterinarian is best. Most commonly, you should call us immediately if:

  • Your pet has suffered any type of trauma, there is bleeding or an obvious broken bone
  • The animal will not use the leg at all
  • The pet is otherwise no feeling well, such as dehydration, high fever, or nor responding to you
  • The injury is sudden (chronic conditions should still see help as soon as possible)
  • The pet does not improve quickly

If you notice any of these situations, your pet should be brought into our emergency facility right away.

How Our Emergency Vet Can Help You

Call our offices immediately for any pet injury and describe the limping to us. We’ll then recommend coming in for a full examination. We may recommend x-rays or other diagnostics to better understand what is happening with the animal. Our emergency vet is available to discuss the needs of your pet with you right away. We do our best to minimize any amount of wait time because we know you don’t want your pet to feel pain.

Schedule an Examination with Your Emergency Veterinarian Today

As a full-service, pet emergency room in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment. We recommend calling us prior to arriving to see our emergency veterinarian. We’re happy to tell you whether you should come in immediately. Our Studio City emergency animal hospital is here to help you. Call: (818) 760-3882.