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Why You Need Emergency Veterinary Care for Your Pet's Fracture

No matter what kind of pet you have, broken bones are serious and require emergency veterinary care. At our emergency animal hospital the veterinarians are experts at dealing with fractures in all kinds of pets including dogs, cats, small animals, birds and reptiles. Your pet’s comfort and health are our primary concern in treating what can be a life-threatening injury.

dog with broken bones

Why Are Bone Fractures Serious?

Not all fractures are life-threatening, but some may be depending on the severity and location of the break. Most fractures are caused by blunt force trauma to the animal which can range from being hit by a car to rough handling by a child. Some fractures may cause excessive bleeding or damage to other organs or there could be a devastating spinal cord injury. 

Bone Fractures in Dogs and Cats

Since the skeletal structure is similar in both pets, we can address them together. There are four types of fractures:

  • Closed fractures: The bone is broken but it has not broken the skin.
  • Greenstick fractures: The bone has a small crack like a hairline.
  • Compound fractures: The fractured bone penetrates the skin where it is exposed to contaminants which sets the stage for possible infection. This is a critical emergency.
  • Epiphyseal fractures: These occur on the soft bone area in young dogs and cats while they are still growing.

Getting your dog or cat to our animal hospital quickly is imperative so we can swiftly evaluate the full scope of your pets injury.

Bone Fractures in Small Animals

In smaller animals, the most common fractures occur in the legs. For example, a guinea pig may jump out of the arms of a young child and end up with a broken leg or a rabbit may get its leg caught in the wire mesh of its cage and injure it while struggling to get free. Small animals can literally die from pain so it’s important to get your pet to the emergency veterinary quickly.

Bone Fractures in Birds

As is the case with most pet fractures broken bones in birds are most often caused by trauma. Birds can be treated effectively provided they are brought to the veterinarian as soon as the injury happens. The dangers to birds include complications such as bleeding and internal injuries.

Bone Fractures in Reptiles

All reptiles can suffer broken bones if subjected to enough blunt force trauma. Our veterinarians can treat fractures in long bones and legs by immobilizing the injured bone in a splint. Spinal fractures entail much more involved treatment, involving x-rays to determine just how serious the injury is.

Whatever concern you have about your pet, we are the leading Los Angeles emergency animal hospital here to care for your pet’s trauma when you regular veterinarian is not available.

You can find us at:

Animal Emergency Centre
11730 Ventura Blvd.
Studio city, CA 91604

(818) 760-3882