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Emergency and Urgent Animal Care from Your Studio City Veterinarian

Sometimes prompt veterinary attention can mean the difference between life and death for your pet -- and even if the situation isn't life threatening, your pet may still be in need of urgent care from an experienced Studio City veterinarian. Either way, your furry friends will be in the best possible hands here at Animal Emergency Centre. Our vet team takes on emergency and urgent cases on evenings and overnight Monday through Friday, and on a 24-hour basis throughout the weekends.

sick dog in studio city

When to Seek Emergency Animal Care in Studio City

When is a veterinary issue an outright or probable emergency, as opposed to urgent? Urgent animal care generally applies to situations where your pet is sick, injured and/or uncomfortable without actually being in life-threatening danger. But if your pet appears to be suffering from any of the following crises, it's time to seek emergency animal care:

  • Poison ingestion:

    If you believe your pet has consumed automotive fluids, household cleaning products or certain toxic "human foods" such as chocolate or grapes, bring him to our vet clinic immediately. 

  • Foreign object ingestion:

    If your pet has swallowed a foreign object, he needs immediate care to either alleviate choking or remove the object from his digestive system. We can restore normal breathing, run x-rays and remove the object surgically if need be.

  • Heat stroke:

    Excessive heat and insufficient water can produce heat stroke symptoms such as staggering, seizures, panting and loss of consciousness. 

  • Auto accidents:

    A traumatic impact from a car can cause severe lacerations and bleeding, broken bones, shock and internal injuries. We can perform emergency surgery, transfusions and other procedures to treat your pet's injuries.

  • Animal bites and attacks:

    An unfortunate scrape with another animal can produce deep scratches, lacerations and other injuries, possibly setting the stage for dangerous infections as well. We can examine, clean and close your pet's wounds while relieving pain and administering antibiotics.

  • Snake bites, bee stings and allergic reactions:

    Snakes bites, bee stings and allergies can all cause serious toxic reactions in your pet, from impaired breathing to severe swelling and pain. We can administer emergency medications to stabilize your pet's condition.

  • Urinary blockage:

    If your pet cannot urinate normally or without pain, a serious blockage may have developed. We can perform emergency measures to find and remove the obstruction.

Call Animal Emergency Centre to Speak to Our Vet Team

If you're still not sure whether you're in need of emergency animal care or urgent animal care, don't hesitate to contact Animal Emergency Centre at (818) 760-3882. Our vet team will give you instructions and help you do the right thing for your beloved companion as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the meantime, keep our phone number and address handy -- you never know when you might need them!