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A Critical Aspect of Pet Emergency Care

Pets can find themselves in need of replacement blood just as humans. In fact, a pet emergency can cause serious or even life-threatening blood loss in a very short time. But where can you find an animal blood bank with the resources needed to treat that pet emergency? You're likely to have great difficulty finding one in the Los Angeles area -- unless you begin and end your search with the animal blood bank offered by our own Studio City veterinarian here at Animal Emergency Centre.

A variety of pet emergency conditions may require blood transfusions from our veterinarian in Studio City. The most obvious example is probably a car accident injury, fight, or other incident that results in external lacerations and/or internal injuries. Rapid blood loss can cause serious shock and possibly even death, so every minute matters when your pet endures such an injury. When you bring your dog or cat to our emergency clinic, our veterinarian in Studio City will place a priority on stopping the blood flow by applying direct pressure, using sutures, or even performing internal surgery as needed. One important feature that sets us apart from many other Los Angeles area veterinary clinics, however, is our ability to replace the lost blood via our on-site animal blood bank. Our Studio City veterinarian can act swiftly and efficiently to replace the lost blood.

Not all emergencies that call for blood replacement are traumatic in nature. An internal disorder such as a stomach ulcer, for example, may cause bleeding. Smaller or weaker pets who are besieged by flea or tick infestations may experience potentially deadly anemia due to blood loss. Additionally, animals who suffer from bleeding disorders may lose alarming amounts of blood even from a small wound. Thrombocytopenia, a disorder of the blood platelets that makes normal clotting impossible, is one such disorder. Our veterinarian in Studio City may need to transfuse both red blood cells and plasma, along with other emergency measures, to get the bleeding under control.

Learn More About Our Animal Blood Bank

Our animal blood bank is the only such facility of its kind in the LA area. During a pet emergency, flustered owners have no time to search for a properly equipped blood bank, or you may not even think to do so. Our Studio City veterinarian urges area pet owners to keep our contact information and directions handy.

Animal Emergency Centre makes a strong effort to maintain blood of different types. Dogs, for instance, may be able to receive any blood type (universal) or only positive-type blood (positive); cats may require either Type A or Type B. Contact our Studio City veterinarians at (818) 760-3882 more information about this life-saving public service.