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Los Angeles Anti-Venom Bank Saves Pets' Lives

snakeIf a snake bites your pet, every minute matters. Snakebites are a serious threat to your pet’s health, and without immediate pet emergency care, your pet could sadly lose his life. Unfortunately, it is not enough for your pet to simply visit a vet; in the event of a snakebite, this vet must also have access to a blood bank and anti-venom bank in order to save your pet’s life. Here at Animal Emergency Centre, our Los Angeles emergency vets are specially trained to treat pets following a snakebite. We also have access to a full anti-venom bank, as well a blood bank, right here in our animal emergency hospital.

Los Angeles Pet Emergency Room Maintains Anti-Venom Bank for Snakebites

Our emergency veterinary team understands the best way to treat pets for snakebite, including what not to do immediately following a snakebite. Most snakes bite dogs either on the face or extremities. Swelling can be dramatic, reducing up to one-third of blood circulation in just a matter of hours. Bites to the face are especially serious as these bits can impair breathing; without immediate treatment, these bites can lead to deadly side effects.

Toxins from the snake’s venom disrupt the blood’s normal ability to clot, which can lead to uncontrolled bleeding. Unfortunately, the first reaction of many pet owners is to attempt to control the bleeding by using a tourniquet or ice. A tourniquet reduces circulation and can ultimately have a negative effect on a pet’s health, depriving the damaged tissue of blood and vital nutrients.

If a snake bites your pet, contact our pet emergency room as quickly as possible. Rather than attempting any first aid, such as trying to remove the venom, it is best to take your pet immediately to a Los Angeles pet emergency room. Antivenin is most effective when administered within the first few hours of a snakebite. Attempting to first treat a pet at home with first aid can cost valuable minutes; your pet is best served by an immediate trip to an emergency center with full access to an anti-venom bank.

Animal Emergency Centre is equipped with the latest emergency care and diagnostic technology, including on-site lab analysis and toxin screenings. Our pet emergency room also uses echocardiology, endoscopy, ultrasonography, and digital radiography for advanced diagnostic care.

Animal Emergency Centre is a walk-in only pet emergency room that is open for after-hours care during the week and 24-hour care on the weekends. We are the primary animal blood bank for the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles region. When a veterinary emergency strikes, such as snakebite, our anti-venom bank and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools provide essential, life-saving care for pets in need. We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and committed to upholding the highest standards for emergency medical care.

Snakebite is a serious, life-threatening emergency. Immediate care from an emergency vet, coupled with our anti-venom bank, is your pet’s best chance for survival.