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There are certain emergencies that may cause your pet to need a blood transfusion, including serious accidents, fights and surgeries. Our veterinarian performs blood transfusions on cats and dogs.

Blood Transfusions from our Veterinarian in Studio City

When you think of blood transfusions, you make think of humans receiving them after a traumatic injury, loss of extremity or during a long, complicated surgery. Your pet may need a blood transfusion from our veterinarian in Studio City for those exact same reasons.

A blood transfusion can save the life of your pet in the event of a serious injury, including getting hit by a car, into a fight with one or more wild or neighborhood animals or after suffering an open fracture. If you notice extreme bleeding when your pet returns home or see your pet receive a major injury, it is important to look over your pet for any signs of bleeding. External bleeding will be easy to see and should be stopped by wrapping the area with a clean strip of cloth or gauze. This slows the blood flow and preps your pet for transportation to our emergency pet hospital and veterinarian in Studio City.

Internal bleeding from damaged organs and veins is harder to see and will need to be diagnosed via a thorough medical evaluation from our veterinarian. If internal bleeding is confirmed, your pet will need surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the internal injuries.

If you have time, you should call our veterinarian, quickly explain your emergency, give us the breed and age of your pet and an estimated time enroute so that we can be ready for your arrival. If you feel you do not have time to make that call, we have staff available to start life-saving treatments the minute you arrive.

Our In-house Blood Bank

As veterinary medicine advances, the need for animal blood products has increased, which is why we have a stocked blood bank at our emergency vet center. We understand that you want to do everything that is medically possible to ensure your pet survives his or her injury because your pet is a precious member of your family.

The unfortunate part is that not all animal hospitals have on-site blood banks. In fact, we are one of the few animal blood banks in the area, which means if you take your pet to another animal hospital, they may not have the life-saving blood your four-legged baby needs to survive his or her ordeal. This could delay treatment for your pet or make treatment or surgery slightly more risky or impossible. That is why our veterinarian in Studio City would like you to keep us in mind if your pet has a serious accident that results in extreme blood loss.

For more information on our blood bank or to notify us of your pet emergency, please call our office at (818) 760-3882. We are open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.