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Illness Symptoms From Your Studio City Veterinarian

What's wrong with dogs that have diarrhea, are not eating and vomiting? Is it serious enough to take your dog to your Los Angeles emergency veterinarian for immediate treatment? Sometimes, dogs (and cats) may suffer one incident of vomiting and diarrhea because they ingested spoiled food or other unsavory edible while wandering outside. Pets usually feel better after eliminating the offending "food" and return to normal eating habits. If your dog continues vomiting, having loose stools and reduced appetite for more than 24 hours, you should take him to your L.A. animal hospital as soon as possible for treatment.

pet illness

Signs of Illness in Dogs

In addition to vomiting and diarrhea, symptoms of ill dogs include:

  • Eye and nose discharge/drooling
  • Reduced appetite/refusing to eat/rapid weight loss
  • Difficulty breathing/panting
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Fever (104 degrees or higher for dogs)
  • Extreme sleepiness or unusual hyperactivity
  • Weakness/dizziness/unsteady gait
  • Increased thirst/frequent urination
  • Skin irritations/sores/scabs
  • Whimpering/meowing/vocalizing

Conditions associated with these symptoms include but are not limited to bacterial/viral infections, diabetes, hyper/hypothyroid disease, dental infections, kidney/liver disease, cancer and tick-borne diseases. Unvaccinated dogs are especially prone to multiple infections that spread via contact with infected dogs.  Your Studio City CA emergency vet advises owners with dogs suffering one or more of these symptoms to get their dog diagnosed so appropriate treatment can be implemented without delay.

Veterinary Care for Sick Dogs

Vets treat ill dogs according to what is ailing them. Options for treating illness in dogs include:

  • Prescribing antibiotics and/or medications meant to reduce pain or stabilize chronic diseases like diabetes
  • Providing supportive care for viral infections
  • Tumor removal surgery
  • Placing dogs on special diets to replace nutrients lost during illness
  • Giving dehydrated dogs IV solutions to restore electrolyte levels
  • Recommending physical rehabilitation to help dogs recover from accident injuries or illness

Importance of Regular Wellness Exams for Dogs

Dogs will try to hide symptoms of illness in the early stages of infection or disease. Some symptoms may be so subtle that owners aren't aware their dog may be ill. Making sure pets receive wellness exams and vaccinations from their Los Angeles veterinarian is essential to maintaining your dog's health and well-being. Wellness exams involve vets physically evaluating dogs, performing blood and urine tests and observing the behavior of dogs.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Veterinarian in Studio City

Our animal hospital ER is open in the evening to treat accident injuries and illness affecting dogs and cats. Learn more about our emergency vet services in L.A. by calling (818) 760-3882.