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Treating Pet Eye Infections with Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City, CA

If you noticed your dog or cat has an eye infection, dealing with it properly is a concern. Taking your pet to Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City, CA to see our veterinarian is the best way to treat an eye infection. Here are some Pet Eye Infections FAQ to look over to help you understand this condition and what remedies are available to keep your pet in the best of health.

cat being examined by her veterinarian

How Is A Diagnosis Made And What Are Some Signs Of Eye Infections?

A veterinarian will know if a pet is suffering from an infection of the eye by evaluating the coloring of the eyes, the type of discharge noticed if applicable, and behavioral actions of the animal. Some signs of an eye infection include redness of the eyes, constant squinting or blinking, or symptoms that a pet is in pain when the area around the eyes is touched. The matted fur around the eyes from discharge may also be noticed.

What Is The Importance Of Treating Eye Infections?

Failing to get a dog or cat treatment for an eye infection in a timely manner can lead to a variety of other problems. The pet may suffer from extreme pain if the infection is not remedied. The dog or cat may also try to scratch at their eyes with paws to reduce pain. This puts the pet at risk for additional injuries. Blindness is also the result of an eye infection if it is not treated by a veterinarian.

How Does An Eye Infection Occur And Why Is Seeing Our Veterinarian Helpful?

An eye infection is often the result of an allergic reaction to pollen or dust. Taking the time to trim your pet's fur if it is long around the eyes will help to keep discharge from accumulating. If discharge settles around the eye and is not cleaned, a secondary infection can occur. Cleaning your pet's eyes with a damp piece of cloth on a routine basis will help to keep bacteria out of the eyes. Some dogs such as the Maltese and Shih Tzu breeds are prone to eye infections due to their genetic makeup. Seeing a veterinarian for routine checkups will help to catch eye infections in their earliest stages so medication is administered to clear them quickly.

Schedule an Appointment with Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City, CA Today!

If you want to discuss Pet Eye Infections FAQ with a professional, contacting our Studio City, CA veterinarian will help. Call Animal Emergency Centre today at (818) 539-1174 to set up an appointment to evaluate your pet's eyes if you suspect an infection is present. We are also available for routine checkups and handle emergencies when needed.