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Digital Imaging at Our Studio City Animal Hospital

When your pet experiences a sudden health crisis, you need to know he can receive a prompt, accurate diagnosis from an experienced emergency veterinarian in Studio City. Luckily, you have that Studio City veterinarian right here at Animal Emergency Centre. Our Studio City animal hospital uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including digital radiology, to find out exactly what's wrong as quickly as possible so we can provide vital aid.

Radiology involves the interpretation of radiographic images. These images are made by passing X-rays through an animal's tissues. The X-rays tend to pass completely through thinner, less dense tissues, such as skin, while reflecting off of more solid structures such as bones. The variations in tissue density give our Studio City veterinarian a detailed picture of your pet's interior anatomy. If a fracture is present, for example, the break may appear as a line or gap between the two pieces of bone.

But while many people associate X-ray imaging solely with fracture diagnosis, sensitive modern radiographic devices can also reveal problems in the heart, lungs, and other organs. Kidney stones may show up clearly as lighter or darker spots within the urinary structures on an abdominal X-ray. Gastric dilatation volvulus, a potentially fatal twisting of the stomach, can also be observed. Dental X-rays may reveal cavities, cracks or abscesses in the teeth or gums that can cause intense oral pain. Since many of these conditions require immediate treatment, diagnostic imaging is typically one of the first tasks our Studio City veterinarian performs when confronted with a veterinary emergency.

Our After Hours Clinic Is Ready to Diagnose Your Emergency

The advent of digital radiography allows our veterinarian in Studio City to diagnose your pet's condition more quickly and comfortably than ever before. Digital radiography has many advantages over the traditional film-based method. For one thing, processing X-rays into photographic prints takes a certain amount of time. During this time your pet might have to maintain an uncomfortable position so the veterinarian can get a clear image. Digital radiography is a much faster process that poses less discomfort for your pet while also exposing him to less radiation. Once the digital image has been captured, it is ready for viewing immediately, with no time lost to film processing. Our veterinarian in Studio City can then email the images to your regular veterinarian and make a CD copy available for you.

We urge you to keep the phone number and directions to our after hours clinic in a handy place. If trouble strikes when most clinics are closed, you'll be ready to rush your pet to our Studio City veterinarian for digital radiology and other diagnostic services. As quick and convenient as digital radiographic techniques may be, the sooner we can take those images, the better. Call our veterinarians in Studio City at (818) 760-3882 to learn more about how we save the lives of pets just like yours.