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Seizure Treatment at Our Studio City Emergency Vet Clinic

Cat waiting to be treated for seizures in Studio City

Nothing in your experience as a pet owner may have prepared you for the sight of your beloved friend falling victim to a seizure. These neurological malfunctions can sometimes prove highly dangerous or even fatal, which is why you need to know your veterinarian can provide prompt care. Here at Animal Emergency Centre, our emergency vet clinic can treat both the seizure itself and any underlying health threats that may be associated with it.

Understanding Your Pet's Seizure

Seizures can occur in pets for a variety of reasons. A pet with no tendencies toward seizure disorder may experience seizures after ingesting insecticides, certain human foods, plants, rugs, medications and other toxic substances. An injury to the brain can sometimes spark a seizure. Heat stroke is another health emergency that can include seizures among its symptoms. But pets can also suffer from epileptic conditions, just as humans can. Some animals may be more genetically predisposed to this problem than others, including German Shepherd Dogs, Poodles, Collies, Beagles and Labrador Retrievers. Epileptic seizure triggers can be mysterious, with some cats experiencing them even while sleeping.

Whatever the cause of your pet's problem, it's important to understand the types, symptoms and risks of pet seizures. There are usually three recognizable phases of a seizure:

  • A pre-ictal phase in which the pets becomes visibly nervous, upset, or confused
  • An ictal phase or seizure proper, which may include fully-body spasms (grand mal seizure), paralysis, leg paddling, loss of bladder and bowel control or hallucinations
  • A post-ictal phase in which many of the pre-itcal symptoms are repeated

Real danger can occur when pets are subject to multiple clusters of seizures, which can cause the body to overheat. Another emergency is an extended seizure of more than 5 minutes. This condition, known as status epilepticus, can cause brain damage or even death without immediate treatment.

Treatment Options From Your Studio City Veterinarian

Your Studio City veterinarian at Animal Emergency Centre can diagnose and treat your pet's seizure problem. Even if the seizure has passed, bring you pet to our clinic so we can determine the underlying cause and watch for a recurrence. If poison ingestion is the cause, we will work to neutralize or eliminate the substance. Anticonvulsant drugs can help stop a prolonged seizure before permanent damage is done.

If your pet is diagnosed with epilepsy, you'll be relieved to know that several kinds of medication are available to help control future seizures. These include phenobarbital, potassium bromide, gabapentin and other anti-epileptic drugs.

Don't Delay -- Bring Your Pet to Our Emergency Vet Clinic

If your pet is experiencing either status epilepticus or multiple seizures in rapid succession, don't hesitate to treat his situation as a veterinary emergency. Bring your pet to Animal Emergency Centre right away so the skilled team at our emergency vet clinic can stabilize the situation and stop a potential tragedy in its tracks!