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Advanced Diagnostics at Our After Hours Clinic


When your pet is clearly sick or in pain, there's nothing more reassuring than the knowledge that you can access emergency care, even outside your usual clinic's office hours. The sooner your pet's condition is diagnosed, the sooner we can treat that condition. Pet ultrasound is one of the most effective technologies for examining a pet's internal structures -- and here at Emergency Animal Centre, our veterinarian in Studio City can perform this technique on your beloved animal.

You may be familiar with basic concept of ultrasound if you have ever observed a pregnancy exam, since this technology is typically used to observe the fetus in the womb. Ultrasound sends works by aiming high-frequency sound waves at the part of the body to be examined. The sound waves, which are too high to be detected by the ears, echo in detailed patterns off of the tissues within the body. The echo patterns can then be interpreted as images by our veterinarian in Studio City.

Ultrasound has certain advantages over other diagnostic imaging techniques. Our Studio City veterinarian uses ultrasound specifically to examine the soft tissues and internal organs. In addition to the basic structures we might detect on an X-ray, ultrasound provides additional details as to the texture, blood flow, and other aspects of these body parts. Additionally, ultrasound has the ability to capture moving images, which is one reason for its great value in monitoring a developing fetus. Our Studio city veterinarian may perform further tests if a mass or other abnormality is revealed through ultrasound. Blood work and other tests can determine whether disease or organ dysfunction is present, at which point our after hours clinic can administer emergency care.

An ultrasound exam from our veterinarian in Studio City should not cause your pet any significant discomfort or agitation; he will simply lie down on a table and rest while we perform the evaluation. Our Studio City veterinarian usually shaves the part of the body to be examined to give the sound waves the most direct possible path. We then administer a layer of gel to the area. By running a transducer over this gel, our veterinarian in Studio City can see the internal structures on a monitor. In this way we can check for pregnancy problems, fluid retention, tumors, infections, urinary issues and other possible emergencies.

Our Studio City Animal Hospital Can Find the Problem

If your pet shows signs of a health emergency, don't wait until your regular veterinary clinic is open for business -- bring him to Emergency Animal Centre for an evaluation. Our Studio city veterinarians are ready to employ ultrasound, digital radiography, and other sophisticated techniques to diagnose your pet's problem and prescribe immediate treatment. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at (818) 760-3882 with any questions or concerns -- and then keep that contact information at the ready, just in case you need it!